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Reckless Sophistication (2022)

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"Faithfully carrying on the traditions of Elizabeth Cotton and Malvina Reynolds (with a dose of Bessie Smith, for good measure).  Wise is a vital link who connects us to this fast fading golden era, and breathes new life into it. Elizabeth is a young folk and blues guitarist/singer/songwriter, a fresh face who may have been born 75 years too late."

                 - Kenny White


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"Rest assured, this lady knows how to use a bottleneck slide for maximum impact, . . ."

                 - Marilyn Drew Necci, RVA Mag

"A Virginia native blues and folk singer-songwriter, Elizabeth performs a variety of styles including her original compositions and arrangements, and updates old classics with funky folk overtones while her smooth vocals run the gamut from soothing to tearing down the bar. Wise has lived, traveled, and toured around the world with her music on acoustic, electric and slide guitar."

                 - Downton Lynchburg Association

"Elizabeth is a creative force who is primed for her time to shine!"

                  - This Room Sounds Great Podcast


“I’ve been all over the world/I’ve seen almost everything/I’ve sung all kinds of places/People call me the queen.” That’s the start of the middle verse from the modern blues standard “Mississippi Woman,” a gritty song that’s been handed up and down the muddy banks of the mighty river that bears its name and passed along like a secret from the hills of Holly Springs to the juke joints of Memphis and into the hands of Elizabeth Wise, a young folk singer and guitarist who possesses what they used to call an old soul. With a slide in her left hand and conviction in her voice, Wise inhabits the lines that come next, delivering them as a mystical incantation and a purposeful statement of fact. “No matter where I go y’all/I give them something real/People all over the world/Need that Mississippi feel."

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©Dave Parrish Photography

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