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Reckless Sophistication on YouTube!

Yeay! The full ablum is now up on YouTube on the Elizabeth Wise Music channel: Click Here

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Here are a couple links to interviews I did in the past year: Richmond Sessions '22-'23 featuring Elizabeth Wise: Elizabeth Wise in conversation (with guitar) with Dr. Leo Mazow (Virginia Museum of Fi

In-Stores Near You!.... maybe...

As of yesterday (Thu., 4/13/23), these stores are carrying the new record on CD and LP: Plan 9 Records in Richmond, VA Shangri-La Records in Memphis, TN Guestroom Records in Norman, OK

All the New News

Well, it's been over six months now since the hand injury and surgery. I am starting to book shows again and enjoying being back out there. While waylaid, I did enjoy getting to go and support my fr


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